Friday, September 18, 2009


Presenting the Amazon Kindle: Its light weight & compact, allowing you to have access to multiple books without the added weight, it downloads your books right off the amazon website straight onto your kindle, and even backs up all your purchases in case your Kindle breaks or gets stolen. The screen on the Kindle is specially designed to mimic the look and feel of a normal reading page so there's no glare from artificial or natural light, and your eyes are saved from starring at a computer screen for too long. The Kindle also boasts special features like newspapers, a text to voice feature, and even allows access to blogs.

My reaction:

The very idea appalled me. Heck, even ebooks appall me, and this was like one, big, fat ebook that ate a lot of little ones. A very big part of my love for books and reading is being able to hold the book in my hands. I love the excitement of getting a brand new book, running my hand across the crisp new cover and smelling the scent of freshly printed and binded paper, even old and used books I love and hold dear, the feel of used pages between my finger tips, the worn binding from usage, parts in the book that have been worn from previous owners' favorite parts, it feels as though were sharing secrets, forming a bond, conspiring comrades if you will. I love it all. This is why trying to replace books with a screen (no matter how paper like it might seem) sounded so appalling to me. I mean, even listening to audio books feels as though I'm cheating on the beloved original, which usually leads me to seek out the printed copy not too long after the audio one is finished.

*Deep Breath* That being said, I'm a bit ashamed and embarrassed to say, the Kindle still peaks my interest. I see the pros and cons of it all, and would never trade my lovely shelves of much loved books all lined up with care for a flat screen, but the idea intrigues me. Heaven knows how frustrated I've been when I didn't bring enough books on a trip, or just my luck, the bookstore or library closed before I could get a copy of a book I wanted. *ding* the Kindle could solve all these problems.

My question is to all you fellow book lovers, do you have a Kindle? Do you like it? Do you feel at all like your betraying your lovely bound paper backs or hardcovers that are staring at you as you read your Kindle in front of them?


Senioritas de Moses Lake said...

Yea!! I found it!! With your help! haha I put "the" in front of bookbluff in the url! But this is super cute!! And I totally agree with what you say about forming a bond with your book and being able to actually hold it! I have tried reading books onlline...and i fail!! But yes...we will find our teachers blog...we will! haha

KikaLa said...

LOL yes yes I do believe we will. because we're Brilliant, Devious, detectives! I mean hello, it's not like it took us THAT long to find that darn printer lab in the JKB :)