Monday, October 12, 2009

Life Without Friends by: Ellen Emerson White

Life Without Friends....By: Ellen Emerson White

     I completely fell in love with this book and am so happy that I own it! Every time I see it on my shelf I smile. I have often heard of what a brilliant author Ellen Emerson White is and am finding that I agree whole-heartily.
     This book is about a girl named Beverly who has had a lot happen to her in the past year. Being caught up in the wrong crowd and dealing with the loss of her mother, while still trying to adjust to living with her father, step mother, and little step brother--Beverly is doing the best she can to cope, often bottling it up inside her.
    By chance she meets a boy named Derek, who helps her deal with her issues bit by bit. Derek is lovely! A boy who never really knows the whole story with Beverly but is strong enough to stick through it with the little that Beverly is trusting enough to give him, he is able to show Beverly what real friendship--and love feels like.
    The step mom was definitely one of my favorite characters, and the little stepbrother is adorable. Ms White is brilliant at character building. This book had some aspects that hit close to home, so my opinion of it might be a little biased. About two years ago my family and I went out to Boston for my sisters law school graduation and fell in love! Boston is so beautiful with so much history! This book had me missing Boston all over again and wishing I was there. I truly loved this book and would recommend it to anyone :)

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