Monday, November 9, 2009

Wake by: Lisa McMann

I just finished Fade today during a break between my classes. It was wonderful :)  The last book in the Dream Catcher trilogy, Gone comes out February 9, 2010 *yay* it's coming up! I really do like this trilogy. I had heard about Wake and all my friends gushed good reviews about it, so naturally I needed to check it out. I was hooked soon after I started. I love the narrative of these books. There are sub headings stating the date and most of the time the actual time, which adds to the effect of the book.

Janie, a seventeen year old girl hates it when other people around her sleep. Not because they sometimes impulsively twitch, snore, or slobber although that is gross to watch,  but because of what they dream...or because they dream at all. Janie doesn't know why or how but she gets sucked into people's dreams, leaving her exhausted and tired, especially nightmares. She could be sitting in class, paying attention and taking notes, and just because some kid gets bored and decides to doze off, just like that Janie's sucked into their dream. She's seen it all, the falling dream, the naked dream, the fantasy dream, you name it. Janie's a hard worker. Being dirt poor, she works hard on her school work so that she can get a scholarship, has a job at a nursing home, and takes care of her alcoholic mother.
Things change when she befriends a boy named Cabel who has his own secrets.
Janie works hard to figure out her curse and what it means while also trying to figure out the mysterious Cabel.
Towards the ending of the book it got a bit cliche shall we say? A moment where everything fits just so, a little too much so that you have to suspend belief just a bit? ah well, it is a good book, and doesn't take away from the over all goodness of the book.

I loved the premise of the book! Falling into peoples dreams? Awesome idea. Lisa McMann said she got the idea of Janie getting sucked into other peoples dream from a dream she herself had of being in her husbands dream. very cool. Liked it alot!

One of my Favorite Scenes:

9:18 p.m.
    A sophomore boy, known only to Janie as "the brainiac," asks Janie to dance.
    She regards him for a moment. "Why not," she says. She's a head taller than him.
He rests his head on her chest and grabs her ass.
    She pushes him off her, muttering under her breath, finds Carrie, and tells her she has a ride home and she's leaving now.
    Carrie waves blissfully from Stu's arms.
    Janie attacks the back door of the school gym and finds herself in a heavy cloud of smoke. She realizes she's found the Goths' hangout. Who knew?
    "Oof," someone says. She keeps walking, muttering "sorry" to whomever it was she hit with the flying door.

    After a mile wearing Carrie's heels, her feet are killing her. She takes off the shoes and walks in the grassy yards, watching the houses evolve from ice to nasty as she goes along. The grass is already wet with dew, and the yards are getting messier. Her feet are freezing.
     Someone falls in step beside her, so quietly that she doesn't notice him until he's there. He's carrying a skateboard. A second and third follow suit, then lay their boards down and push off, hanging slightly in fron of Janie.
    "Jeez!" she says, surrounded. "Scare a girl half to death, why don't you."
    cabel Strumheller shrugs. The other guys move ahead. "Long walk," says Cabel. "You, uh"--he clears his throat--"Okay?"
    "Fine," she says. "You?" She doesn't remember ever hearing him speak before.
    "Get on." He sets his board down, taking Janie's shoes from her hand. "You'll rip your feet to shreds. There's glass an' shit."
    Janie looks at the board, and then up at him. He's wearing a knit beanie with a hole in it. "I don't know how."
    He flashes a half grin. Shoves a long black lock of hair under the beanie. "Just stand. Bend. Balance. I'll push you."
    She blinks. Gets on the board.
    This is not happening.
    they don't talk.

    The guys weave in and out the rest of the way, and take off at the corner by Janie's house. Cabel pushes her to her front porch so she can hop off. He sets her shoes on the step, picks up the board, nods, and catches up with his friends.

    "Thanks, Cabel," Janie says, but he's gone in the dark already. "That was sweet," she adds, to no one.
*sigh* now excuse me while I go find myself someone with a skateboard to push me home :)


melissa @ 1lbr said...

The premise of these books is very intriguing! I will really have to pick these up sometime.

KIWI said...

intriguing indeed :) Hope you like them!

...aMAzInG... said...
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...aMAzInG... said...

OMG!! Head on chest and hand on other end.. What are these kids thinking these days!!! LoL..

Gotta find me a caleb now!! He sounds AMAZING!!

KIWI said...

VICTORIA! haha you found my page! haha and *sigh* yes caleb is amazing :)

KIWI said...

HAHA and his name is CABEL. . . haha I meant to put Cabel

...aMAzInG... said...

ooo yes where can I find this book.. CABEL sounds like something I wanna read!! LOL..