Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friday Fun

      Earlier this week I received an E-mail from the Utah Book Bloggers group, about a private signing for the authors of Beautiful Creatures right here (Utah) in Salt Lake! I jumped for joy and squealed because while I haven't read the book yet, I've seen it floating around the blogsphere with rave reviews and have even seen it on goodreads it was also dubbed the #1 teen pick and #5 editors pick from . . And besides all that I've never been to a book signing before!
So, I dragged my friend Tauna with me (She was the slowest runner out of all my friends I was chasing down to go with me) Thankyou Tauna! The poor thing asked me,
"Have you read the book?"
"Not yet" Was my reply.
"So, let me get this straight, we're going to a book signing for a book we've never read and for authors we've never heard of?" She asked.
"err, well yeah when you put it that way, I guess so" LOL I guess it does sound a little funny

I was quite nervous because it was at a private residence up in Salt Lake and I was driving (no one EVER lets me drive, for good reason I suppose) and Tauna was navigating us with directions from MapQuest (She's possibly the last person you want navigating you LOL, I mean that with all my love Tauna)
We must be doing SOMETHING right though because we made it there and back in one piece and managed to have lots of fun while we were at it.

The Authors were awesome! and so sweet :) Poor Kami. . . It looks like my hair is eating hers, and very well might just bite her sweet little head off.

And here I present Vania.
She's the photographer for Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and is even the one that made the Beautiful Creatures Book Trailer!
She was so awesome and when she caught sight of Tauna and I cowering in a corner putting on the persona of Don't worry about us, we're just simple college students trying to blend in she took us around to meet the other authors that were there. Thankyou Vania! Your the best :)

Here is a mish-mash of people that were such a treat to meet, and all of them writers!

  • Emily Smith (The one behind the girl in the pink shirt, Valynne) is the author of The Way He Lived and is also this years winner of the Utah Book Award in the YA division, she was a hoot to talk to! She was telling me how she lived by a lot of Tongans after I told her I was Tongan and then we discussed foot wear and made a  lovely connection ;)
    • The Girl in the pink shirt is Valynne Nagamatsu  she was so cool to meet and her smile? pretty much the best smile I've ever seen
    • In the front, the woman in the green with awesome purple tights is Sara Zarr she is the author of Once was Lost, I loved her! She was aghast that I was wearing flip-flops in this cold weather (I always wear flip-flops) and scolded me :) telling me it was the mother in her coming out. 
    • The girl that Sara is hugging in front is Brodi Ashton, awesome lady to talk to and all around cool cat :)

    And here my friends, is the wonderful James Dashner, he is the author of the popular The Maze Runner with his wife. She was so sweet and nice, his little son was also there and kept us laughing. He showed us he could wink and all us ladies cooed and smiled, and by the time the cute little toddler got down to show us that he could do push ups with his dad we were all head over heals! ;)

         It was so exciting meeting James Dashner, we found out that he graduated in my major at the same university! Way cool yes?!

    Friday night was bundles of fun, and meeting all those authors? Totally surreal!
    Tauna thankyou so much for coming with me! You're awesome :)

    Fellow Chums who also blogged about the event



    Senioritas de Moses Lake said...

    Ah that looks like soo much fun! I'm jealous I couldn't go with you guys!!! I'm glad you didn't get lost or die or anything! haha

    taunaw said...

    WHOO! So awesome!! :D :D :D

    Christine said...

    Wow! What a super cool experience! I'm so glad you got to go. It looks like you really had an amazing time.

    I, too, have heard wonderful things about Beautiful Creatures and can't wait to read it. I was going to wait for my library to get it, but maybe I should just buy it for myself for Christmas! Good idea? ;)

    KIKA said...

    LOL yes Hannah you should've come instead of your poker/Texas Hold'em night! ;)

    Tauna: twas a night filled of fun, speeding, breaking ubruptly, and listening to LOTS of replayed music huh? :)

    Christine! LOL I haven't read the book yet! (grrr finals week) but YES getting a book for christmas is ALWAYS a good idea! I read your post about your running class, you go christine! I remember you talking about skiing here in Utah, I've never been skiing and what a shame! Because I've lived here all my life! LOL I signed up for the skiing/snowboarding class here at school and I thought of you!

    Reverie said...

    It was so great to meet you?! You two were a blast! Hope you enjoy BC and come check out our fansite at

    Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

    Glad you had so much fun. Sounds like a blast. Funny enough I have Beautiful Creatures on my shelf to read next, and I'm enjoying The Dark Divine as we speak! Hope you get to go to more of these!

    KIKA said...

    Reverie: I'm so happy you stopped by! LOL your so nice :) and yes I'm a frequent visitor of! *cough* not to be confused with Stalker, even though some might interpret it that way ;) lol

    Alyssa! How I envy you, as you're reading the Dark Divine as we speak! Read fast because I'd love to see how you liked it :) and yes! I definitely hope to go to more of these! Thanks again Alyssa for stopping by!

    Christine said...

    Did you take your skiing/snowboarding lessons yet?! No pressure. ;)

    Maw Books said...

    I know that this is an older post but I wanted to say that I'm thrilled that you took the plunge and went. Can you imagine all of those fantastic authors in one spot?! I went a bit later so we must have missed each other.

    Juju at Tales of said...

    Thank you for sharing your awesome pictures!