Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by: Suzanne Collins

     I have heard so much about the hunger games, I was just dying to get my hands on a copy!
My sister bought Catching Fire for me from Costco,
(A store that my family would not survive without)
and while I was ecstatic to have Catching Fire, I still didn't have The Hunger Games!
It was all I could do to ignore Catching Fire's taunt of "Read Me!" while it sat there on my shelf, gloating over me.
All the libraries had at least 20 people waiting on hold for The Hunger Games, and me being on a tight budget kept on reminding myself that I couldn't afford it.
Then one day as I was passing through my schools bookstore, there it was, The Hunger Games, smiling at me with a big red sticker on it that read 25% off. That was it, that was all the justification I needed, (along with all the other justifications of I just simply have to read this book) so I quickly purchased the item, ran home and dug in. Without taking a breathe I finished it and reached for Catching Fire, and wiped the smile off of that suckers face for taunting me, knowing that I couldn't read it unless I got my hands on The Hunger Games first.

I really enjoyed these books and can't wait for the third! It's a dystopian novel that will knock your socks off . And while I do like Peeta, this girl here is all for Gale :)


taunaw said...

YAAAAAY! You finally got to read it!! :D Did you just LOVE it??

KIKA said...

LOL yes I did :) It's a very good story! I actually read it a while ago, but with finals and end of term projects and things I haven't gotten around to posting about it! How'd you like "rasputin"? I saw you were reading it on goodreads, ooo and what was that book you were telling me about? The Russian something?

Angiegirl said...

Woo-hoo! It's all about the Team Gale. So let it be done. So let it be written. :)

Shelley/Book Fanatic said...

I still haven't read the sequel but I loved Hunger Games. I've had Catching Fire on my to-read list forever!

tashaspress said...

seriously my favorite books of all time! can't wait for mockingjay tocome out. i love peeta, but i think he would do fine with some other girl. gale is totally the one for katniss!!