Friday, April 30, 2010

Gone by: Lisa McMann

***Light Spoilers***
Gone is the third installment of Lisa McMann's Wake Trilogy.
     While the first two books of the trilogy were much more fast paced and intensity packed- -the third is more of the quieter, inner turmoil--"deeper" if you will, type of book.
      When a phone call from Janie's friend Carrie, brings Janie and Cabe back early from their vacation to find her drunken alcoholic mother sputtering over some stranger who is in a hospital bed, Janie it seems is met with a new set of problems.
     Janie is still conflicted and unsure with what her decision is with Cabe and what she will chose about her  "disability". But the real mystery is who the strange man in the hospital bed is and what he has to do with her and her mother.
     Janie knows time is running out and she needs to make a decision soon-- Becoming crippled and blind, but living life with Cabe, or "living" in isolation away from people, safe from being blind, safe from being crippled,-- safe from getting sucked into dreams.
    Over all I didn't have any strong feelings for the book. I was excited to get it and sit down and read it because I had been following the trilogy since Wake, but as I read the book I was mildly surprised to find that the book had ended while I was flipping pages. I had been in a meh state of mind starting the book, and ended the book in the same kind of meh state of mind.
    There was crass reparte and weird slang that I didn't get between Janie and Carrie. The relationship between Janie and Cabe didn't feel as it did in the first two books. Which was sad because indeed it was one of the factors that had me coming back for more, I wanted to know how they would turn out, would they make it? However, the relationship in the third book felt as flat as a dining room table. I enjoyed Wake, the first of the triolgy. McMcann's writing intrigued me and I liked the style the books were set up in, time code and everything. This book dutifully ties up loose ends as a the third installment to a trilogy should, but then simply ends. You don't really have a definitive ending, which for some readers is how they like it and for others, not so much. Over all, I liked Wake. Fade kept me going and the third Gone, well, did just that. Had me Gone. --I do like the covers though--

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BookRants said...

I loved all 3 equally, but I've seen a lot of reviews of the 3rd and I haven't really seen any one like it. I can't figure out why, *shrug* I love that one person can feel one way about a book and another can feel another way, makes reading reviews interesting.

KIKA said...

I totally understand what your saying Rebs with the differing of opinions :) I'm glad you enjoyed all three of them! The third one for me just wasn't my favorite. Thanks for stopping by ::waves:: I'm always happy to see you here

KIKA said...

phhh sorry I also forgot to tell you, Chelsea over at "The Page Flipper" really liked it! and she's a gung-ho fan of all the books :) I have her link under the review if you want to check it out

Milli said...

Great review! I should really get my but off this chair and read the series! It sounds good!

KIKA said...

Haha hi milli! Thanks :) I did like the series, the last one just wasn't my favorite, yes read it! I'd love to hear what you think of it. And thanks
for stopping by!