Monday, May 24, 2010

Armchair BEA . . . Come Along!

To all of you headed off to BEA (Book Expo America)
and the very first BBC (Book Blogger Convention)
I send you off with much envy and well wishes!

To those of you who are unable to go, such as myself do not dispare,
Armchair BEA is here!

Armchair BEA is for all those fellow chums who're unable to head over to New York City to attend all the festivities--instead we are creating the festivities virtually online! Still curious? Find out more here.

Here is the schedule for this upcoming week!

  • Tues. May 25th - BEA Related Posts
  • Wed. May 26th - Blogger Interviews (Sorry Sign-ups for these are already closed and assignments will be posted very very soon!)
  • Thurs. May 27th - BEA Related Posts & Giveaways on Participating Sites
  • Friday May 28th - BBC Roundtables
Also:  If you still want to sign up as a participant? 
But hurry!
Also on Thursday May 27th there will be Armchair BEA twitter party! Come one come all! There will be many other bloggers there for you to meet and chat with and also they have some good giveaways going on. I even took that step and made myself a twitter account. I still kind of cringe, for some reason it scares me being so many places on the internet, ah well all for a good cause eh? Meet you there! and come follow me on twitter so I can meet you all! :D Hopefully I will have figured out how to use twitter enough to join in on all the festivities! hehe No worries I am determined!


The1stdaughter said...

So excited to see you on board with the Arm Chair BEA event! I hope you have a fantastic time and I can't wait to read your posts!

chelleyreads said...

thanks for the heads up! i didn't know about this. i was so green with envy every time i see a bea post up last week and this makes me (very) slightly better LOL.

KIKA said...

Danielle! so glad you're hosting this wonderful event!

Chelleyreads: Tell me about it! I'm Green all over with envy! But join in the festivities of Armchair BEA!!! It'll be great fun :D