Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beezus and Ramona by: Beverly Cleary

     So, one of my favorite blogs to follow is the Bookshelves Of Doom When I read her review of Gone, the third installment of Lisa McMann's Wake Trilogy I couldn't help but giggle and nod. The voice in her posts and writing always make me smile. For example here is a little snippet at the end of a review she did:

Basically, if you've read the others in the series, I can't imagine that you wouldn't want to Find Out How It All Turns Out, and that's all I have time for because I have to get it back to the library.  One of our volunteers has it on hold, and she may LOOK all sweet and grandmotherly, but get between her and a book she wants to read and WHOA NELLY.  I'm on her bad list at the moment, and it is a scary, scary place to be. 

Isn't she wonderful? :) I then proceeded to poke around her blog where I found this little post about Beezus and Ramona---err more accurately the movie made about Beezus and Ramona. Having never heard of Beezus and Ramona I naturally had to check it out and read it.

Since this past week has been busy and me having quite a few 
unfinished projects, I decided to listen to Beezus and Ramona instead of read it.
I'm Sure you all have heard of Beezus and Ramona and are probably wondering
What rock I live under that I haven't heard of Beezus and Ramona.
But now I have, and now I do so lets get on with it.
You can bet your bottom dollar
That I am now a certified Beverly Clearly Fan. Big Time :D

    Beezus Quimby is nine years old with the most exasperating younger four-year-old sister, Ramona. Sure, everyone may have younger siblings, but none can compare to Ramona's naughtiness, forget-fullnes, and just all around getting in the way-ness! How can Beezus ever come to learn to love this little four-year-old terror? 

I loved the audio book!
It was read by Stockard Channing and let me tell you,
It brought the story to life in a whole new light.
She was a wonderful reader and narrator!
And please if you live next to me under this big rock and haven't heard of Beezus and Ramona
Git out and read it!


Milli said...

Isn't this book going to be a movie? Ah. One of my childhood favourites:]

Emily Wing Smith said...

Okay, I have to admit I was surprised you hadn't read this book! I think because I love all Beverly Cleary books and I just figured you did, too, because why wouldn't we have all the same favorite books?

Yes, that reasoning makes no sense,but welcome to my world.

Love that Stockard Channing did the audio book. Brings it to new levels of greatness!

KIKA said...

Milli-Yes! the book is to be a movie!

Emily- Aahhh Emily! It is soo good to see you here, how are you?! and heavens to betsy I agree, why wouldn't we have all the same favorite books eh? It makes sense in my head! LOL and ah yes I do love Stockard Channing :)

Priya said...

I LOVE the Ramona books. And I can't wait for the movie!

Alyce said...

I didn't know that Stockard Channing had done any audio books, but I'd listen just to see what it sounds like since I love her acting. :)

I grew up reading the Ramona books, and all of Beverly Cleary's books were favorites.