Thursday, May 20, 2010

Over The Top Award

    This post has been long in coming. And when I say, long in coming I mean long. (Sorry Christine!) sweet Christine over at The Happily Ever After awarded me the Over the Top Award back in January.  Thank you so much Christine! I was a complete closet blogger when I started this blog and quite insecure and shy about it. phhh, I felt like the new kid at school with it. I don't even know how she stumbled accros my blog but what I do know is that I would always find a sincere comment on my posts from her. You don't know how much those comments meant to me, thank you so much Christine!

 This Award is given to those fellow bloggers Who's blogs are over the top . . .
In a lovely and delightful way of course :D

Here's a single word survey before I pass on the award. The survey? I failed miserably at. I not only used more than one word, but phrases. . . and even a video

Your cell phone? Luxury--I can do without

Your hair? Curvaceous
Your mother? LOVE HER
Your Father?
      This is totally my Dad---Always the Supporter in everything :)

Your favorite food? SUSHI
Your dream last night?  Stolen--I can never remember them
Your favorite drink? Juice
Your dream/goal? Changes all the time
What room are you in? Bedroom
Your hobby? Vary
Your fear?  Conquerable
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Wiser--Happy
Where were you last night? Sports Night
Something that you aren't? Passive
Muffins? Chocolate-Chocolate Chip!
Wish list item? Priority Registration! (I need to make my schedule dang it!)
Where did you grow up? Provo/Orem, Utah. :D
Last thing you did? Dream
What are you wearing? Confidence
Your TV? Unused
Your pets? One Brother. . . Out of 7 girls ;)
Friends? True
Your life? Growth
Your mood? Thankful
Missing someone? Dearly
Vehicle? Forenza
Something you're not wearing? Shoes
Your favorite store? Anthropologie
Your favorite color? Green
When was the last time you laughed? Constantly---Still am
Last time you cried? Last Week
Your best friend?  Loving
One place that you go to over and over? Home
Facebook? Yes
Favorite place to eat? Picnic

Here are awesome blogs that I find over the top---all in their own way

           When I started blogging, 3 evil Cousins was one of the first YA blogs I came accross. I was already intrigued by their blog and started poking around, after I read:
         "Get in on our evil plot to make YA into the biggest section of the bookstore"
I was sold :) Head over there all you YA junkies and partake of their evilness!

       If you guys haven't heard of or seen this blog, run don't walk over there. Angie is the very first book blogger I met--well on the Internet. She is the one that got me into blogging. For anyone that knows Angie, you know what a brilliant and kind woman she is. There was a time where I almost deleted my blog and sweet Angie kept me going. Thank you Angie!

PS: I think I saw you today at Smash Burger, were you there? If not forget I mentioned it. If it was you I'll kick myself for not meeting you when I had the chance! LOL 

     I'm sure you guys have read many times before my many references to Bookshelves of Doom. Her wit will make you nod and her humor smile. I love reading her reviews whether she liked the book or not. Head over there and poke around!

          As C.S. Lewis said, 
                     "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too?                       I thought I was the only one."
      This is how me and Rebs became friends Ladies and Gentlemen, It was an agreement on Ms. Stiegvater's writing. Head on over and check out her blog! She even has a movie/TV Sitcom review blog. Enjoy!

       Ok so my dear friend Liesl from High School has a book blog called Mind Blogging Tombs I blog. Which I loved. Then she told me her new blog is The Blue Bookcase. this blog actually has a team of reviewers that do reviews. Low and behold I found many more chums from high school that were part of the team! Yes that includes you Ms. Marci. Hop on over and check them out, They just got a nifty new layout too!


Juju at Tales of said...

Your hair sounds like my hair ;) Happy weekend. Thanks for stopping by :)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

congrats on the award!! thank so much for stopping by and following my blog!

bclement412 said...

Congratsfor tthe award!! Thanks for the follow!

KIKA said...

Juju: Haha yeah my hair is curly--Yours too? woohoo! Curvaceous just sounds that more intriguing eh? haha and of course! I always love stopping by your blog :)

Carrie: Thankyou! :D Of course I loved your blog! The layout is so pretty!

BClement: Thanks and of course! Can't wait to hear how you liked "The Duff"

BookRants said...

aww thanks for the shout out! Sorry I took so long, I'm just finally getting caught up on all the blogs I missed while I was away. hope you're good! :)

Angiegirl said...

Okay. I am so behind after being gone for a week. But, seriously, thank you!! I'm delighted and YES it was me at Smashburger. I can't believe I missed a chance to talk to you in person! Sheesh.