Thursday, June 10, 2010

Elantris by: Brandon Sanderson

With a sudden chill Raoden reached up and felt his chest. 
"I don't have a heartbeat," he realized for the first time. Galladon looked at Raoden as if he had made an utterly idiotic statement. 
"Sule, you're Dead. Kolo?"

     I've been in a bit of a Brandon Sanderson high since I finished Warbreaker. This past week I raided sissy's bookshelf and found Elantris, Brandon Sanderson's first published book.
    Elantris tells a story of a once mystical city named Elantris who's inhabitants were once etheral creatures with silvery skin and pure white hair;Now decrepit, emanciated, hairless beings.  The story focuses on three main characters, Roaden- the prince of Arelon, Sarene the princess of Teod who is engaged to marry prince Roaden, and the Gyron (a high ranking Priest) named Hrathen--who has come to Aelon to convert all of it's inhabitants to the religion Shu-Dereth, warning that if they wouldn't, Aelon would be taken from them.

 I really enjoyed this book. The enchanting city of Elantris and the mystery of its cursed Elantrians was very intriguing. The plot and political intrigue of the prince turning into an Elantrian, Sarene arriving to Arelon around the same time Hrathen does and the country hanging on by a thread kept you glued to the pages. I kept on getting the names Daorn and Daora (Sarene's aunt and cousin) mixed up and at times when they would have their religious bouts about Shu-Dereth and Shu-Korath I was confused as to which religion was which, but all in all the book really wasn't that confusing and was quite enjoyable. True to form Brandon Sanderson's characters were all wonderful. Wonderfully creepy, wonderfully delightful, wonderfully psycho, all of the above! 

    I'm a sucker for strong heroines, which is exactly what Princess Sarene is. Sarene is strong willed,  smart,  and determine. Her loyalty amazed me, following through on a binding marriage contract even though her would-be husband was found dead upon her arrival and then choosing to remain in Aelon to be with her new father, the chauvinistic King Ioden telling her own father back home in Teod that she would still honor the contract to keep an alliance that would bring stability to her people, promising away a life to share with any other or start a family. A bit slow in places but over all a great story, wonderful characters and all in all a great read!

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Ky said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOO sounds shiny. And I have to say I love all the different covers! ^.^ Don't worry, you're not the only one who's a sucker for strong female heroines. XD This is why I love Tamora Pierce. Never heard of this, but it sounds really good! Thanks for sharing!

Allison said...

I really love all the different covers! I hadn't seen them before :)

I'm a big Brandon Sanderson fan, I loved Elantris a lot! The Mistborn trilogy is high and away my favorite, but he has yet to write anything that isn't fabulous.

KIKA said...

KY: oh my goodness woman I love me some Tamora Pierce! :D Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to what other books you like!

Allison: Aren't they all awesome? and yes the mistborn trilogy was lovely! I'm so glad we both are big fans of Sanderson! I am stalking your blog now to see what other authors you like :D

Book Sake said...

I love all of these covers! I've never read (or heard of) Sanderson, but I'm thinking this sounds like something I need to start adding to my TBR list. (Coming to you via the bloghop & following now.)