Monday, June 14, 2010

The Girl who Chased the Moon by: Sarah Addison Allen

Men of thoughtless actions are always surprised by consequences, Stella always said.

    mmmm I could nearly smell the magic in the air as I eagerly ran my hands over this cover. I was introduced to Sarah Addison Allen's magical world with her first works of Garden Spells and  The Sugar Queen, both lovely comfort reads that never fail to leave a content smile hanging on my lips.

    Summary: With the mysterious Mullaby lights dancing with the moon at night and lovely sparkling swirls of sugar, flour, and spice twisting through the night air, The Girl Who Chased The Moon brings the story of two young women-- Emily Benedict and Julia Winterson. While Emily has come to the small southern town of Mullaby, North Carolina to live with her grandpa Vance and get some answers to her mothers mysterious past, Julia is counting down the days till she can sell the restaurant and high-tail it out of the small suffocating town and back to Baltimore.  Together, these two women uncover truths of their pasts, and keys to their future; all while the small southern town of Mullaby, where mysteries are simply a way of life, looks on.
Julia didn't like the thought of what the girl was in for. 
It made her feel stiff and anxious. Living down your own past was hard enough. 
You shouldn't have to live down someone else's. 
     I had high expectations for this one and I have to admit, this one fell a bit short. Ms Addison Allen's talent to create magical, whimsical worlds wasn't at all questioned in this book nor was her ability to paint words that have you leaning in to smell the pages from the fragrances she describes and pictures that she paints.  I think it was just my preference to the characters. Julia was tangible to me. She was a deeper character that I cried with, ached with, laughed with. Emily seemed light, like the story could've delved deeper into her feelings and her relationships. While I smiled with Emily, I felt with Julia.
    I do love the way Sarah Addison Allen's work never fails to create magical worlds with whimsical stories and lovable characters. I love how her main characters, though they may seem different, somehow meet and come together helping each other with troubled pasts and undetermined futures, all with magic in the air. Sarah Addison Allen is one of those authors who's work I will gather together on a cold wintery night or a cool summer evening and rub my giddy fingers together as I get ready to pick one to indulge and savor in, like a good piece of chocolate. While this one lacked the luster I had with Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen It still was a lovely enchanting read. So change into your comfy clothes, grab your hot chocolate and bunny slippers, and cozy in with this lovely whimsical read.

    Years ago, after Stella's ex-huband had spent his way through Stella's trust fund, He'd decided they should bring in renters for extra money, so he'd put a long curtain at the top of the staircase and said, "Voila! Instant apartment." Then he'd been surprised when there were no takers. Men of thoughtless actions are always surprised by consequences, Stella always said. The last year of his and Stella's marriage, he'd started leaving a fine black dust on everything he'd touched, proof of his black hear, Stella claimed. When she'd discovered the black dust on other women---sprinkled on the backs of their calves when they wore shorts on summer days, and behind their ears when they wore their hair up---Stella had finally kicked him out. Afterward she got her brother to put a door at the top of the staircase, and a sink and an oven hookup in one of the bedrooms, hoping something good might come from finishing something her lousy ex-husband had started. Julia was her first tenant.

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Alison said...

Too bad this wasn't as good as you thought. I love the cover.
I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog -

Kris said...

Sad to hear you didn't love this one. It's a favorite of mine to be honest. I've never read the other 2 so now I must get my hands on them. They must be really good if you thought this one wasn't on the same level.

Thanks for the review!

KIKA said...

ALISON: Hi Allison! and how sweet are you? thank you for the award, I'll be making a post about it very soon:) Although the book wasn't what I thought it was, it was still lovely. Oh and your question about ArmchairBEA:
ArmchairBEA is an event that had it's grand debut just this year! Have you heard of BookExpoAmerica it's an event that is held annually in NYC that brings book bloggers, publishers, authors, you name it all together in one place for a lovely convention! for those book lovers who were unable to make the trip to NYC the lovely creators of ArmchairBEA created the event so that we could still participate in all the fun activities virtually online! check out the website! You can see all the fun that was had and hopefully if you like it, participate next year!!!

KRIS: Hey Kris, how are you? that's lovely it's one of your favorites! I do love ms Addison's work, while this one wasn't my favorite it was still a lovely read. And yes my Cajun Book Lady you must read her earlier works if you loved this one so much :D did you get your book and nail polish in the mail?

Bookworm said...

This book sounds interesting. Nice blog by the way. :)

KIKA said...

Bookworm: Thanks for stopping in! :D