Saturday, July 3, 2010

Daughter of The Forest by: Juliet Marillier

    This book is truly special. It sends my heart in a pitter-patter just thinking about it. As I wrapped myself up in this tale that lingered with me like body heat on a blanket, I kept on asking myself over and over why this treasure hasn't been shown it's due. Why isn't this book displayed on shelves? Plastered on posters? Being passed out like sweets as it should be? Because in all honesty it was kind of an accident that I even stumbled upon it. It took me a few tries to start this one (thanks to my book slump) but when I finally sat down to read this hidden treat, I tell you my friends I couldn't put it down.

    Synopsis: Loosely based on the fairy tale of the six swans by the Brothers Grimm, (an old Celtic tale) Daughter of the Forest brings you a stalwart king, his six sons and seventh child, daughter Sorcha. When their evil step mother turns all six brothers into swans that are only able to return for an allotted time twice a year, it is up to Sorcha to set them free. With the high price of complete silence Sorcha must weave six shirts from a stinging thorny plant and place them on her brothers so that they might walk again as humans.
    While the outline sounds simple enough, I assure you, this amazingly written piece of works holds so much more.

    One of the first things that stuck out to me in this book, and then continued to glue me to it's pages was the warm relationship between Sorcha and her six brothers. How close they were, how concerned they were for one another, the relationship they shared with one another that words need not always be the relayer of messages was down right awesome.
    The characters were beautifully written. The brothers each were their own, and Sorcha. Oh Sorcha, how I cried with you, laughed with you and oh how I loved with you. Sorcha's love interest and her do not fall head over heals into each others arms at first glance. No their love was one of journey, of hurt, of trust, of laughter and of so much more.
    Each new character I met was well drawn out. Red, a strong leader doing what's right. Simon and his inner turmoil and nightmares from torture, Janis the cook whom I could imagine only too well in her kitchen amidst her pots of soup and pans of hot cakes. I do wish the step mother was explored a little deeper but don't have any quarrels with what Marillier did explore.
     Finding out Juliet Marillier wrote this book based loosely on the Brothers Grim tale of The Six Swans made me want to go out and read the fairy tale. Folklore of any kind interests me. I loved reading about the Fairy Folk and the gods and goddesses in this book. Sorcha was a wonderful character that was tangible, and real, shortcomings and all. Her hurt was very real to me, as was her happiness. This book wasn't a half hearted read that you could lazily flip through. While yes it's a comfort read it also captures you and takes more time to read than just your off the cuff fluff read. While slow on the get go this book will take you on wonders---don't you dare close your eyes.

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Bonnie said...

Hi Kika, this sounds like a wonderful book. The story of the six swans was always a favorite of mine as a child.

Happy 4th! Bonnie

SenoraG said...

I have added this to my TBR, sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

KIKA said...

Bonnie: Hi bonnie! how aweseome, see I hadn't even heard of the fairytale The Six Swans until I was reading about the book on the author's website. You are so sweet :) I hope you have a good 4th as well!

SenoraG: *waves* hi! thanks for stopping by. ooo can't wait till you read it! I've just started the second book and am loving it as well. Can't wait to hear what you think :D

Chachic said...

I echo your sentiment - I don't understand why this book isn't more popular! It's so good that it should be recommended everywhere. I even had a hard time getting a copy and I got the last one in the whole country. Lucky me because I LOVE it. It's not an easy read but really worth the trouble. Sorcha and Red! Sitting near each other, not too near that she'll be frightened, but near enough that he's there when she needs help. Red's storytelling at the end! *sigh* I would love to re-read this if I just had more time.