Friday, July 23, 2010

Magic Bleeds BY: Ilona Andrews, Peek-a-Boo Review

 Peek-a-Boo Review: short review--mostly just my thoughts

Magic Bleeds BY: Ilona Andrews

    The Kate series by husband and wife duo Ilona Andrews is a series that is fast becoming more popular, and rightfully so. I'm not a series kind of reading gal but this one has served me well. The thing I like about these books is they progress. Kate over comes obstacles, and things are taken care of. Now that doesn't say that things are always ended neat with a happily ever after, it means that in book 4 you're not dealing with the same problems as you did in book 1. Ilona posted something about this on their awesome blog. She said especially dealing with series things needed to progress. You need to be moving somewhere, the issue of Kate's and Curran's relationship needed to be resolved, were they going to be together or not. The interest was piqued in book1 and the tension built in book 2, then in book 3 all us readers were nearly mad with anticipation, they had to choose! In book 4 the issue is resolved. That isn't the only thing either though. While Kate's lineage has always been one of interest and of grave danger, it is always progressing.  We learn more about it, what is the story of Kate's father, who is Kate's mother, where does this leave Kate? The issues and problems that Kate deals with progress and are addressed, it's not always the same monster under the bed that we deal with. That being said, in this installment, Kate gets introduced to more interesting familial bonds, she might've just lost her job forever and like I said before, this whole Curran business needs to be dealt with. . . and so it is. I will say this, it seems like Kate is always either gonna loose her job, or lost it, she's always on her 100th work hour with blood, mud stained jeans, and yet she still has plenty more work to do.

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