Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Conspiracy of Kings By: Megan Whalen Turner, Peek-a-Boo Review

   When I do a review for a book I usually have to do it right after I finish the book, or close to it or else I forget things that stood out to me or things I especially want to mention. Sometimes life happens and books that I've read begin to stack up and then sometimes I blanch at the idea of writing up all those reviews and instead opt to bury myself in yet another book as to not think of the current problem at hand. (avoid it and it'll go away, smart I know) Peek-a-Boo reviews are short reviews---mostly just my thoughts--for some of the books that are stacking up on my night stand waiting to get a review written up.

A Conspiracy of Kings BY: Megan Whalen Turner

    Ok by everything that is right and good in this world Megan Whalen Turner deserves a full review for anything she touches. But see this in turn is such a daunting task I cower when I'm put to the task to write up a review for her. How can you put into words the summation of such an impeccable series? Such awesome Brilliance? I just don't know. I read this fourth installment to the awesome thief series a while ago and yes as most everyone has lamented before I was a bit disappointed when this book was not to focus on the swoon-worthy Eugenidese but of the heir to Sounis, Sophos.
     The brilliance that is MWT was all up in this book, through and through, I mentally reprimanded myself with being such a spoiled nut and putting up a fit for this book not being about Gen because to be given the chance back into this world of brilliance is Christmas enough for anyone. Yes you do see Gen and all his awesomeness as well as his lovely Queen of Attolia, Irene. And while that woman I feel doesn't get enough love from all the fan base, I salute and totally love her. I'd love to hear her story. It makes me reminiscent of my Tamora Peirce days of strong heroines, thinking about her story. You go Irene! If you haven't taken a sip of this brilliance, gulp don't sip.


Chachic said...

I know what you mean about not being able to write a review about MWT's series! How can you explain such awesomeness, right? I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more of Gen in this one but he was there in the sidelines and I'm such a fan of MWT that I'll gobble up whatever she writes. I just hope that Gen's the center of the next novel. I wonder when can we hope for it to come out? 5 years? 10?

KIKA said...

Oh my goodness seriously, whatever morsel she deigns to throw my way I will unabashedly be all over it! I hope Gen is the center of the next novel too. What if Him and Irene have a son?! or a daughter for that matter?! That would be AWESOME! and oh gosh I hope it's closer than that! How bout next year? hehehe

Shannon (Giraffe Days) said...

A friend just recently recommended this series - I've seen the books around in the bookshops but didn't know what they were like. Have you noticed that sometimes it's not until a few books in a series have been published that it really takes off?

I love the gushing - I'll definitely have to start this series! The first book is called something like The Thief isn't it? I know the cover when I see it!

KIKA said...

Shannon: Yes oh yes! Read it Shannon :D and yes the first book is The Thief Keep on reading and you will find each book gets better than the one previous! My favorite is King of Attolia It's the third in the series, oh I would love to hear how you liked these books!!!