Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sevenwaters Series BY: Juliet Marilier Peek-a-Boo Review

  Inspired by Kate over at The Never Ending Shelf's short reviews called Book Views, Peek-a-Boo Reviews are short reviews (mostly just my thoughts) on books that are piling up on my night stand waiting to have their reviews written up. This Peek-a-Boo review covers all four books

Sevenwaters Series BY: Juliet Marrilier

   So I have just discovered the lovely Juliet Marrilier and her awesome Sevenwaters series. AMAZING I tell you, truly amazing. (I don't know why I'm doing my Peek-a-Boo reviews on books that so obviously deserve their own full post--if not blog. I'll probably end up doing a full post later on) I keep asking myself why, why did I deny myself of such goodness for so long? These books quickly won place in my Best of 2010 reads hands down.  Daughter of The Forest pulled me down and drowned me in it's awesomeness.  Sorcha was such a beautiful character, she had such a hard task to fulfill, but she stuck with it with her quiet steadfast way. It was this first book that started the spell and kept me enraptured with this close knit Sevenwaters family and their fabled forest. The second installment,  Son of The Shadows brought the story of Sorcha's daughter, Liadan. Liadan is much like her mother, quiet and attentive. She acquired her mother's skill of healing and even some of her own, becoming a seer. Liadan's story stole my heart away hook line and sinker. Liadan's strength to defy the fair folk and the prophecy, choosing to make her own life's decisions made my heart sing. This one was definitely a passionate read.  Juliet Marrillier just keeps on getting better!

    The third installment Child of the Prophecy started out rocky--- I didn't warm up to the main character Fainne until the wee last pages of the book, and even then, hmmmm.  Her endless lament of "And if they die/ If things don't work out---it'll all be my fault" ground on my nerves, "Then Do something!" I found myself saying. Fainne's inaction at every turn made me want to pull my eyebrows out. (scary thought, me eyebrowless) Every time she lamented "I didn't have a choice" I always felt she did, I felt she could've took more action, stood taller, refused longer. While the protagonists was harder to warm up to, the story itself did not falter one bit, Juliet Marillier's talent shines through. Even when the main character ground on my nerves I still had to keep reading because never once did the writing and the story fail me, it was just that good, now if that isn't good writing you tell me what is. 

    The fourth installment Heir of Sevenwaters put me back into good spirits. Clodagh, daughter of Sean of Sevenwaters is put to a task. The fair folk that made a pact with the family of Sevenwaters have now left, no one knowing where they went and leaving the forest open for others to come in their place. Clodagh knows that her path will eventually cross with these new comers and she doesn't know how she'll deal with them. I loved Clodagh, unlike Fainne, Sorcha, or Liadan, she has no "special" talents other than being good at running a house hold. Often being told she'd "make a good wife for someone someday".  I relished the journey I took with Clodagh. Marillier's writing will have you spell-bound, and this family of Sevenwaters stole my heart from the very first book like a thief in the night. (You guys picking up on all the cliche's in this post yet?) Seer of Sevenwaters, the next installment to this beautiful series is due out in December! *yippeeee*


Chachic said...

Yay for Juliet Marillier fans! I'm so glad you loved this series as much as I did. Don't worry about the third book, I felt the same way about it. It was harder to like Fainne but the storytelling in that one is still incredible so it's worth a read. *sigh* Sorcha/Red, Liadan/Bran, Clodagh/Cathal, so many amazing couples in this series! I can't wait to read Seer.

Holly said...

I agree with you 100% - this series and frankly everything Juliet Marillier writes is AMAZING and AWESOME. It's very sad that I've now read pretty much everything she's written. I think a reread might be in order. I am lusting after those stunning British editions, too. One day...

Can't wait to hear what you think of the Bridei Chronicles- December could not come sooner for me.

Angiegirl said...

*happysigh* This series. Nothing will ever be like this series. I remember just being eaten alive by DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST. Eaten alive. And then believing she could never follow it up and having to pry my jaw up off the floor while reading SON OF THE SHADOWS.

So glad you love them, too.

KIKA said...

Cachic: Seriously! those couples always put a warm smile on my face :) Every time I get glimpses of them through the other book I always sigh in gleeful bliss. and Seer my goodness it can't come fast enough!

Holly: Hear Hear for the reread-s! And that is simply lovely that you've read almost everything from her! ooo and those British editions, they make me weak in the knees. I've just started The Dark Mirror and am excited to get sucked into Marillier's world once again

Angie: :D Eaten alive indeed! It's so lovely to meet fellow readers/bloggers who you can share with each other such happy delights such as this!

Shannon (Giraffe Days) said...

I have heard nothing but good things about this series but I still haven't read any - your enthusiasm is very motivating though! I really should read it... Thanks for posting this, I love these kinds of gushing (yet still intelligent, of course!) reviews! (to which I happily gush in response, even when I haven't read the book!)

KIKA said...

LOL aww shannon you are so sweet! I'd love to hear what you thought of them!