Thursday, July 1, 2010

Silver Borne by: Patricia Briggs

Have I mentioned one of my favorite urban fantasy series---if not my favorite--- is the Mercy Thompson series? So you can only imagine the excitement I felt as I held the latest installment in my eager little hands.
     Synopsis This is book #5 in the series and while dedicated to her shop, working as a car mechanic Mercy can’t ever seem to find herself out of trouble. Dealing with the Fae is sticky, oey, goey business and Mercy has found herself in the thick of it when she tries to return a book she borrowed from a friend. The simple book seems to be so much more than what it appears when Mercy finds her friends’ bookshop closed up and all kind of fey inquiring after the book with alarming interest.   Still, Mercy has other problems as well. Her long time friend Samuel is having problems. Wolf problems. Doing this whole werewolf thing lone wolf without the strength and support of a pack is wearing on him, and considering his very old age on top of his isolation calls for well warranted caution, even to the point of swift justice, for both the safety of himself but especially for those around him. Even more chilling for Mercy is the stone cold realization that someone is using the pack bond to jeopardize her new and precarious bond with her mate, the local pack Alpha Adam. Whoever is using the bond is making Mercy do things she would never do, leaving her horrified as to how helpless and vulnerable she is to another’s whim.
     Review: Let me tell you my friends as I’ve said time and time before, Ms. Briggs never fails to perform. Her work warrants high standards and she meets them time and time again with each new book.These series are action packed, but with reason. It isn't just a hay day with fey and vampire going at each other and a sprinkling of werewolf's just for good measure. Patricia Briggs is a masterful story teller, and you see this through her work where her talent truly shines. So while these books are fast paced, the story that propels the action is always in the for front, there is reason to each dip and turn Ms. Briggs makes in her books.
     The main character Mercy, is my kind of heroine. She has grown so much from the first book in the series and continues to do so. Being the Alpha's mate she is required to take up a more prominent position in the pack, which she does with timid confidence and shining courage. Being a coyote shifter in a pack of werewolf's is intimidating enough, but being the Alpha's mate and cemented high up in the packs hierarchy above other werewolf's is a whole 'nother can of worms. A whole can of worms Mercy is willing to not even bat an eyelash at if it's what it takes to be with Adam.
     The folklore that is the history of the fey is intriguing and I am always delighted when Ms. Briggs weaves their lore into the story. Learning also the culture of the pack and the vampires is equally intriguing. Originally a high fantasy author Patricia Briggs has made a seamless cross over to an urban fantasy author, one that deserves well worth praise. 
    The Mercy Thompson covers are one of my favorite, and the artist Dan Dos Santos is an easy favorite as well. You can often see me singing his praises any chance I get, and wherever his art work is you can bet I'm there. These books are one of those rare finds where the beautiful covers match the masterful work inside. So, without further ado have at it and enjoy! Much goodness to ensue.


Savannah said...

OMG! I love this series! I seriously want to scream it out to the world. Seriously, I am dying for the next mercy book!!!! I really am!!! I this book on particular because it showed more insight to Mercy an Adam's relationship.

Savannah said...

Sorry for the typos people. I got really excited as you can see. LOL!

Natasha said...

Great review, I absolutely love this series. I also like her Alpha and Omega series, but this one is my favorite. I agree, her book covers are amazing. It's funny how Mercy doesn't have the amount of Tattoos that are on her on the covers, but it doesn't even bother me one bit. I still love the covers and her. He he!
If your interested, I have a review as well..

although I loved yours more.. May I link this review at the bottom of mine?

KIKA said...

Savannah- My goodness woman you make me giddy all over again just by reading your comment! LOL your enthusiasm is well warranted my friend and I shall meet you on the highest mountain to shout how awesomely lovely this series is :D typos and all ;)

Natasha! how sweet are you? of course you can link to mine, it would be a complete honor! How flattering :) Yes I too enjoy her Alpha and Omega series. LoL and yes the tattoo thing is often the subject of much discussion but there is no doubt the covers are beautiful. I just linked to your review :D

BookRants said...

I love this series as well, so glad you enjoyed it too! I'm with you on the art work. I just started reading Touched by an Alien and the same artist did the cover art for that, I could tell just by looking at the cover lol.