Monday, July 19, 2010

TWoow Wuve and Happily Ever After

    So today I was thinking about happily ever afters and TWooow Wuve. What happens when real life settles in? What happens after the dragons are slain, the princess is saved, and the village is once again restored to peace? The photo gallery Fallen Princesses came to my mind from the photographer Dina Goldstein. The pictures themselves are quite sobering, dark even but what an interesting take. Here are some from Fallen Princesses

Ariel on display in a tank.

Rapunzel with Cancer.

Sleeping Beauty who never woke up.

Snow White after the seven dwarfs.

Bell getting plastic surgery and Botox.

    While this definitely puts a controversial slant on these princesses you can't help but wonder what does happen after The happily ever after. Do you like your happily ever afters? Are you content with ending there? or are you one of those readers who wants to know what happens after the HEA. What happens after they kill the beast, after they find true love, after the battle is won.


Erika said...

I like to fantasize about what happens after the Happily Ever After!! This is such a good question for one to ask themselves if they don't already! I found those photos to be also quite sobering and a new take on HEA!!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

LOL that is fantastic!

KIKA said...

Erika: Thanks for stopping in! yes I often wonder too what happens after the end of a book---where those characters are now and what they're doing. :)

Sheila: LOL yes I was quite intrigued when I came across her website and photo gallery :D

tashaspress said...

that is so cool! i love of those pictures.

reederreads said...

Wow- These pictures are so shocking to me because I'm one of those people that are always satisified with the HEA and never really think of what happens after... It was cool to see this pictures and think outside the box! :)

Ky said...

Lolz! You should see the horror version of the Disney Princess. Cinderella as a scary scarecrow. Belle as Samara from the Ring. It's hysterical. XD

Ky said...

Found it! These are sooo twisted!

KIKA said...

Tasha! Hi :) It's good to see you on here! LOL and yes I loved her vision of putting princesses in real life situations its new and different.

reederreads: Yes I myself am usually one to only like to reminisce and wonder about what happens AFTER the HEA on most stories LOL

Ky: LoL I just checked the site out, I loved it! haha thanks! Is it twisted that I found the macabre slant on the princesses intriguing? creepy, but intriguing. :D

taunaw said...

These are so fantastic

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

Thanks for sharing, strangely enough, those pictures put a smile on my face.

I always love a book that tries to elaborate after the happily ever. Still I am a sucker for HEA and don't mind calling it quits there.

KIKA said...

Taunaw: aahhh my lovely rhetoric writing friend! LOL it is always sooo good to see you on here!

Shera: When I first glanced at her photo spread I couldn't help but look back and look at the pictures slowly, it stirred a fascination in me :D it' a tricky balance when writers elaborate after the HEA, don't get me wrong many have gotten it spot on and have even blown it out of the water. And then there are some who get it so wrong that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth tainting the image of the first HEA. But like you I'm a sucker for the HEA as well and echo your sentiments---don't mind calling it quits there :D