Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's your fancy? Book Covers

    The YAYAYA'S post about Fire Covers got me thinking about book covers. What sets the trends for them? We have all seen the trend of dark, shadowed, forlorn covers hit the YA section of the bookstores with a vengeance when the pandemonium of Twilight hit. Indeed I thought I'd need a flash light to venture through that dark abyss of pitch black covers. Then 100 Scope Notes featured this article, from Publishers Weekly portraying the latest trends of book covers as a fashion show. fun yes? My question to you is, which book cover trend tickles your fancy?

Is it the florals?

Or maybe your more of a foliage type of person

How 'bout time period costumes?

Maybe you like the drama of wind swept hair

 Or maybe you'd prefer the wind beneath some wings

Other times it's all in the hands

(All Book cover art is from the article, check it out to see more!)
So tell me, what book cover trends are your favorite? Which ones not so much?


Kirthi said...

Haha, you make a great point! I think the floral for some reason!

Savannah said...

Nice collections of books. I like the hands, hair and dark ones. They always get my attention

Bonnie said...

Wow, what a great post. I am attracted to the florals and in particular I love the Kristin Harmel book After. In fact I went straight to her website to find out what it was about, so thanks!

KIKA said...

Kirthi: LOL yes the floral ones are lovely :)

Savannah: Thanks! I got the pics from the article, you should read it, it's fun and will put a smile on your face :D

Bonnie: Thanks bonnie you're so sweet! I'm so happy you found a book! I got the pictures from the article so you should check it, you might find more books :D

Ky said...

Hmmm well I don't really know. I'm really artistic, so while I really do have a preference for my style I appreciate all different styles, especially with book covers. It's all about the market and who you're trying to appeal to. So in a way I kind of like everything. Granted I usually go for the holding hand type books but some I do actually like.

La Coccinelle said...

I like the florals, I think.

Andi said...

I'm particularly fond of foliage, and I'm particularly averse to anything involving the ocean and legs/feet. :D

Holly said...

Book cover trends? Love this post! This is too cool. I will have to go look at the article. I'm a real sucker for foliage. I don't think any of the vintage covers are very good, but I adore the vintage cover of VIXEN.

I may link to your post if that's okay. ;)

KIKA said...

Ky: hey girl! good to see you :) yes the hands, those ones are tricky for me, when it's done right I love them, and when they aren't? ermmm *cringe*

La Coccinelle: :) Yes the florals are quite popular

Andi: LOL I hear ya on the legs/feet and for me sometimes it's the hands

Holly: oh holly! it's always good to see you on here:) I like me some foliage too, and ooo the VIXEN cover that one is lovely. Oh and please do link! I am very flattered :) There seems to be a lot of cover talk lately so there is much to choose from!

Chachic said...

I love this post! I never thought to look at book cover trends. I think I'd have to go with florals, the period costumes and the hands. :)

BookQuoter said...

Hi Kika, thanks for the post, it is so cute to see all of the books together like that!! Flowers for me, I adore them!!!

Michelle said...

Ha! I love it all!! Especially the foliage covers. Me likey. Very fun post.

Jess said...

Great post! I love the foliage and the hands :)

Shannon (Giraffe Days) said...

I love love LOVE looking at book covers! Anna on OCD, Vampires and Rants, Oh my! often posts about themed covers, and I found this fun video put together by SciFi Guy on Urban Fantasy covers that you might enjoy.

YA covers have really come along though haven't they? They're much less daggy than they used to be! I love all the themes - foliage, flowers, oooh windswept hair! Until the covers were put together like this I hadn't noticed how many had windswept hair! I can think of more wings covers though :)

Bonnie said...

just fyi, Kika, remember the Versatile Blogger award? Finally got around to listing the 7 things you are dying to know about me! Come visit soon!

Mandy said...

This was so entertaining.

I love the florals.

KIKA said...

Cachic: :D lovely choices

BookQuoter: *waves* hello! It's fun seeing all of them isn't it?

Michelle: LOL Hello Michelle! glad you likey:)

Jess: thanks for stopping in!

Shannon: it's always awesome to have you in! thanks for all those links I loved them! and Yes I completely agree with you, they've come along :)---and still are

Bonnie: awesome! I'm headed over right now!

Mandy: Thanks for stopping in :) the florals are quite popular

OKP said...


OKP here, not weighing in on covers (but I love the post!). Thanks for stopping by m'blog! I'm just a follower of the Roy Girls and Bookshelves of Doom, not really a reviewer myself -- mostly I just rant about being a public school teacher.

I'm totally flattered -- and you're not a creepy stalker...'cause if you are, I am!

KIKA said...

OKP: LOL aww dang! I was looking forward to a review after I read your comments :) hehe. But don't you love their blog? I love reading your "rants" on your blog they always make me laugh. So glad you stopped by!

Christine said...

This post is a work of art in itself. Don't those covers look awesome together in their categories? Wow! I love them all!!!

I am a floral kind of girl in general, but in the world of YA book covers, I think I like the hands and the foliage ones best. But I will admit to having bought the first book in The Luxe series years ago purely based on the cover art with the gorgeous gown on it. : )

Great post.

KIKA said...

LOL I admit to have done that plenty of times (getting a book because of its cover art) It's so good to see you again on here Christine :) It's always a pleasure! Hope you're doing well with your biking, running, totally in shape self!