Monday, September 20, 2010

Bookshelf for the Bookie

    I was delighted to find in my inbox an email from the lovely Alexandra from asking if I would do another review for one of their products. Happily I accepted and me and the roomie started perusing the website to see what I should review. We laughed and joked while looking at the website saying that I should review an imposible-to-sit in modern chair and dub it my new reading chair and see how long I would last sitting in it, but alas we matured a bit and decided to review this lovely bookshelf. We don't have a bookshelf in the living room yet and it would fit perfectly in a space we have beside the couch. Hope the instructions won't be too hard to figure out! Can't wait to fill it with books :)

 Also, not too long ago I attended the Utah Book Bloggers
summer Social for the first time and had a blast.
What better way to commemorate the occasion by framing those pictures?
So I am lucky enough to review this lovely DanyaB Hanging Wood Frame as well.



bardingwell said...

You are so cute! It will be fun to hear about how you feel about your new stuff!

KIKA said...

LOL thanks Lyn :) Good to see you here!