Sunday, September 26, 2010

Front and Center by: Catherine Gilbert Murdock

  Over at Angieville the lovely Angie talks about the perfect book for the perfect season in her review of the Sugar Queen by Sara Addison Allen. (both book and review are awesome by the way) I can't tell you how much more I fall for a book when the stars align and the serendipity of finding that special book at just the right time happens.
    And that my friends is exactly what happened to me and these lovely books by  Catherin Gilbert Murdock, her Dairy Queen series. Of course in that same regard, running into Leila's post would also fall under that category of lovely serendipity, for with out it I would have never found the books.
     Front and Center is the last book in CGM's Dairy Queen series and quite a fine one at that.
    After returning from helping her brother from a horrible accident that paralyzed him and permanently removed him from the playing part of the football field D.J. Schwenk is looking forward to returning back to school, to basketball, and to the anonymity she is both used to and comfortable with. 
    But the people in her life have other plans. Her basketball coach is breathing down her back to become the player and leader on the court that he knows she can be. The only problem is that a leader requires a voice, to lead and direct. And as we know the Schwenk family may be many things, but talking isn't their high point.
    As if coach telling her to start calling back colleges right now, her two older brothers already talking as if it's a given that she'll choose a division one school, and D.J. secretly just wanting to attend a simple college who's basketball team could probably play her high school team for a good game, isn't enough. Beaner, her childhood friend wants to start a relationship since a particular Hawley quarter back is out of the way, and totally out of D.J.'s thoughts thank you very much. D.J. finds herself growing and maturing in ways she never thought she would.
     Trilogy's can be a tricky business, and I can't tell you how many trilogies I've picked up, that have been so promising, only to have the sequel or third installment shatter the love. So much that I refuse to acknowledge the others and only take in the one I love. Cold hearted I know. But these Dairy Queen series are simply wonderful. Each book held it's own and kept me eager for more. You go Ms. Murdock.
    D.J.'s fresh voice and awesome narration of her story is one that you'll be glued to. She is flawed, and stubborn, bold and strong, and completely 100% D.J. . Finding myself once again sitting down with her had me in the comfortable lull of a sit down with a good friend. D.J.'s situations and relationships, with her family, friends and high school life rang with authenticity. There was no overwhelming fabrications, or wells of self pity. Instead there was the fresh light voice of D.J. Schwenk.
     I fell into D.J.'s story while on a road trip with my sisters to Washington, and that lovely serendipity of reading that perfect book at the perfect time hit me full force as I was sold hook line and sinker into D.J.'s world. I will always reminisce this past summer's road trips with the discovery of these lovely books. If you're up for a good summer read with a fresh voice that has a strong funny heroine, D.J. Schwenk is the girl for you.

Dairy Queen Trilogy:
 Dairy Queen
 The Off Season
 Front and Center



melissa @ 1lbr said...

Oh how I love DJ! She's one of my fave characters ever. So glad you found this series.

Michelle said...

Love, love DJ! So happy to hear she's a winner for you too! And thanks for the linkage.

TheBookGirl said...

I have been meaning to start this series for so long...your post has moved this up on TBR list :)

KIKA said...

melissa: definitely. so glad I found them too!

Michelle: of course, I love your reviews :)

ThebookGirl: Oh that ever leaning tower of TBR books :) these are definitely a treat! can't wait to hear what you think