Friday, October 1, 2010

I Challenge You!

Yes You Ms. Hunger Games---

   The Hunger Games was challenged this week in New Hampshire by a mother of a student who had nightmares from reading the book and brought the issue in front of the school board. How fitting this incident happened during Banned Books Week.

“Twenty-four children are pitted in a life-or-death struggle with each other. The reason? Entertainment. That’s sick,” LaSalle said. “You guys don’t want Columbine, but you’re putting forth material that will totally desensitize the children to murdering other children.”
*Oh but don't you see? That's the point. it IS sick. . . **Kids/tweens/adults/ are horrified at such a thing. That is why this ***compassionate and courageous character named Katnis in this deplorable dystopian world is so lovable.

The school board acted quickly and removed her daughter from the class that was reading The Hunger Games, to which the mother responded.
“The answer to this situation is not removing my daughter from the classroom,” LaSalle said. “It’s removing this filth from the school district."

    My issue isn't with the mother or her daughter not liking The Hunger Games. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and there are plenty a book where my opinion goes against the grain, but that's the beauty of it. We're all able to read something, determine for ourselves whether we like it or not, and then go on from there. It is when you try and take that freedom of reading away from someone else---Like trying to remove the book from other classrooms, other students, and other peoples children-- that this thing called censorship begins to rear it's ugly head.
And, as always Thank you Ms. Leila for your lovely wit and insight.

*     Mother dearest, did you even read the book?
**   practically everyone---I say practically everyone because there are some questionable characters
       out there
*** Aren't you loving the Alliteration?


La Coccinelle said...

I hate it when people miss the point of books.

KIKA said...


KIKA said...
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Steph said...

I am hopping around - poor little sick book blogger that I am and I have so many blogs on my follow list that it is scary. Well I hadn't been here in a while and was going to bail but this convinced me to stay with you. Thanks
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Katie Edwards said...

I haven't read the Hunger Games books yet, but have ordered book 1 from Amazon and will get started on that before long. The series seemed to pass my by until Mockingjay came out and now I'm reading blogs about it everywhere.

By the time kids are in high school they are old enough to think for themselves about the books they read, or don't read if they prefer. Not having read it, I don't know whether it's suitable or unsuitable for class, but to remove it from school altogether is too far and not up to one mom to say.

KIKA said...

Steph: LOL I'm glad you decided to stay. I'm a bit lame as of late I'm afraid. With a full time work and school schedule the blog sometimes gets neglected. And I completely understand cleaning out the follow list! Glad you're sticking around though :D

Katie Edwards:
I'd love to see how you like the books. I'll be perusing your blog for the review :)

I completely agree. I was talking with a friend about it. she brought up a good point. she said---

Kids are stronger and more cognitive than we think. Some people when they hear of something that disturbs us, we think what will it do to the children? Which is a complete natural and legitimate way to thinking--

I think if you have issues or concerns with a book, you should first read and talk about it. I think it's so important to talk to your kids about these kinds of things---Kids are usually smarter than we give them credit for.