Sunday, October 17, 2010

Picture Frame Review

    I came home about 2 weeks ago to this at my door. I was so excited, my bookshelf and picture frame were here from CSN stores! The shipping was fast. Faster than I anticipated, which was a very pleasant surprise.
    With the recent move I haven't had time to really unpack and so putting together the bookshelf was kind of put on the back burner until I got situated, and with school now in full swing it only added to the leaning tower of obstacles. But this weekend I was simply delighted to find that I would have some time to put it together!

    The picture frame was a joy to receive. Like I said before, the shipping was faster than I anticipated and I haven't even received back the pictures I ordered from the Utah Blogger Social. So I just grabbed some pictures I had laying around and stuck it in there. And it looks quite lovely on my wall.  I must say.

The picture frame itself is paper light and quite thin (Here it is next to a normal size book.) Which makes hanging up a complete breeze. It's easy to insert and remove pictures, and it also comes with  a hook on the back so that hanging up can be just that much easier.

With light weight things, come the question of durability. I guess time will tell. But I will say it feels durable and I have dropped it once already and it still has stayed in one piece.

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