Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Am I Biased. . .

    For cringing when I saw these?

                  Made from torn out book pages. *major cringe*

   But When my friend made one out of sheet music, I didn't cringe half as much . . . Probably because they were free leaflets of sheet music that didn't have to be torn out.

Speaking of Cringing, have you seen the trailer for Water for Elephants? (not that the trailer makes me cringe--I actually have high hopes for this one)

I cringe every time I see Robert Pattinson. . . 
Which then makes me think of Kristen Stewart
and then my eye starts to twitch.

I hope the movies' good. 
Because by all means, a book that good deserves at least that much.

I'm thinking about what books to put on my round up of 2010 reading. Some Bloggers have already started. 

Also, to leave on a high note, Leila started another blog. *yay* it's called Bookshelves of Lesser Doom, a little sister blog to her book blog Booshelves of Doom. The sister blog is less bookish but still full of all the lovable wit and sarcasm you could ask for, much awesomeness indeed.


Milli said...

I loved the book! I hope they do well on the movie.

KIKA said...

Milli: it's always good to see you here :) and yes, me too I have my fingers crossed!