Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

   I hope you all are having a wonderful time with friends and family.
This was my first year participating in the Secret Santa hosted by Kate over at the NeverEndingShelf.
    I got Nikki from Wicked Awesome Books and let me tell you. 
I totally lucked out. 
    Spoiled. I tell you, I'm Spoiled.
Thank you so much Nikki!!!

  It was so fun to be paired up with someone who you know if you met in real life would just love.
Thank you again Nikki! I hope you all are snuggling up with loved ones, lots of good food, and hopefully a good book. I'm curling up with this lovely edition of Penguin Classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Lee. What holiday treat are you curling up with? Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


TheBookGirl said...

That's some great Secret Santa stash :)
I read Garden Spells earlier this year, and liked it. Hope you do too!

Have a great New Year's :)

KIKA said...

TheBookGirl: I just reread garden spells and it still leaves me craving food and gardening! haha Hope your holidays were good!