Friday, December 31, 2010

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters By: Barack Obama, Loren Long

This book is something special. I saw it on the rack at B&N and sat down to take a quick look. But as soon as I began reading, I knew it wasn't going to be just a quick look through.
     President Obama writes the book as if it were a letter to his daughters. The story or letter, as it were is lovingly written and the illustrations beautiful.
     Obama begins each page with
"Have I told you . . ."
  Telling his girls how wonderful, strong, and kind they are. Subsequently highlighting a historic figure from American history that emulates these characterisics. From Jackie Robinson to Abe Lincoln, I smiled and shook my head with pride as I read about each and every figure. My favorite part is at the end, after 13 strong historic figures are highlighted, he writes.. .
"And have I told you that they are all part of you.
Have I told you that you are one of them."
  Beautiful I tell you just beautiful. It gave me such delight to read this book to my little sisters.---and to be honest to read it all on my own, many times. It warmed me to the chore. A well written book indeed.


Andi said...

Beautiful! I must get my hands on this now. Thanks for recommending it! I might've missed it otherwise.

Deepali said...

What awesome illustrations! the poetic writing style also stands out - great recommendation.

KIKA said...

Andi: aww thanks! I'd love to hear how you liked it =)

Deepali: yes I loved it all! Thanks for dropping in, I'd love to hear what you thought of it