Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jane Eyre by: Charlotte Bronte

    So while I’ve been here in Texas doing my internship I’ve been listening to audio books on my long drives to and from work. I honestly don’t mind the drives, they’re kind of my special time just for me, to think, to ponder, to catch up with family phone calls, or simply just relax with the windows down and either music or audio books playing in the background. I’ve always loved period dramas, I think I would go mad if I lived during that time but I do love watching and reading literature from that time. I decided to listen to the classics and I started off with Jane Eyre. Oh what a lovely classic this one is. It’s one of my sisters absolute favorites and I must say it didn’t take long for it to burrow it’s way into my heart.
    If you are unfamiliar (probably not but bear with me)  about the story  here’s a short synopsis: 

     Unprivileged, shunned and ignored from a very young age Jane Eyre still manages to become a remarkable young woman, if but less remarkable in appearance. She takes a job being a governess to a young girl who’s care she's in, is an older-- but not old mind you, Mr. Rochester. They fall in love, but pasts untold bring to light circumstances that promises them apart.
    On a side note I think The Bronte sisters, Jane Austin, and  Emily Dickinson, were all truly women before their time.
    Besides the much cliche’d slighted lovers synopsis I gave, this book is so much more, so  much deeper, than your overly wraught romance.
    I loved Janes character. I loved her plainness, her frankness, her sense of humor and her stallwart character of *morals.
Believe you me when I say that  many a time throughout the book I would’ve retaliated with such **vigor and sting they would’ve thought me ***possessed. A much different reaction to Jane’s quiet, calm to all the chaos and betrayal thrown her way. and it wasn’t that annoying “holier than thou” silence, that grating silence you would get frustrated at a character for. 

     It was a contemplative silence that was simply Jane. I loved Mr. Rochester too but don't worry I won't go into that one, I know your lids have been drooping since paragraph two. I have to say I have a love/hate relationship with audio books and it usually hinges on the reader, and this one was FABULOUS! 
    As far as movie adaptions go I think my favorite is the 2006 version.  Although I'd say even though I liked Ruth Wilson more as Jane than Mia Wasikowska, the 2011 version stayed truer to Jane's character. The bed scene in the 2006 version? Jane ****would never do that and if you've read the book the scene that actually happened was ten times more heart wrenching, it also shined a light into Jane's true character. Lovely read, Lovely story, Lovely book.


*Not that I’m a snoot or anything, but because there’s a reason why she has such a strong sense of morals, she suffered a horrible upbringing and so much more at the hands of others who didn’t have any or simply disregarded them
** eh, shortly put, I probably would’ve just slapped him/her. . .That or simply throw a tantrum, complete with stomping of feet and gnashing of teeth. Probably more the later than the former.
***Well because generally speaking I’m an impulsive person (if by chance you happened not to notice)  who is led by her emotions. Good for some things, not so good for others. 

****Can I sound anymore prudish?


Andi said...

I love Jane! She's definitely due for a re-read soon.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I need to see this! I love periodic films :) I know I will love this!

Milli said...

It's awful but, I've never read the book or seen any of the films.
I really should, though!


KIKA said...

Andi! yes yes this one is truly one of my favorites

Alycia: yes! I think you would love it

Milli: LOL no worries, this was my first time reading the book :)

кєяo said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. I read an abridged Jane Eyre a short time ago but haven't tried the audiobook.