Monday, July 4, 2011

Out to. . .


This is the Shonbrunn Palace and a few of us from the program
I am here in Vienna on a study abroad and am loving every minute of it.
Unfortunately this means the blog will probably be in the dark until mid August when I 
return to the states.

Here's the library in Vienna! isn't it beautiful?!
We're going to go see the Royal Library sometime next week and I am very excited.

Another cool thing? 
we're staying with host families and live in districts!
Does this remind you of a particular popular dystopian novel? hehe.
I live in the 13th district. 
 I'm missing the book community but am excited to catch up on all the posts, blogs and books
when I get back.

Happy Reading!


Jinky said...

What are you studying? --Indeed a beautiful looking library ... the palace is not too shabby either!!

Have fun and be safe. ~Happy 4th of July.

Jessica said...

i found your blog linked to one of my friends...anyways i studied in vienna last summer and stayed in the 13th district too! who is your host frau?

Suey said...

Have fun! What a fantastic opportunity. Enjoy every minute!

KIKA said...

Jinky: haha thanks! I'm studying German, cultural awareness and Humanities out here :)

Jessica: No way! and the 13th district too?! My host Frau is Lilo Ekl, it's her first time hosting BYU students :) does your friend happen to be Ale Wuthrich??? haha my personal blog has my stuff from Vienna on it! do you have a blog you kept when you were here? I'm loving it here so far!

Thanks Suey! I sure am trying to enjoy every moment!

Jessica said...

Yes my friend does happen to be Ale Wuthrich!! She was my roommate in Vienna. We lived in the 13th district with Elisabeth Eppl. It was the greatest. We were there for three months, how long do you get to stay? my blog from vienna is maybe it can give you ideas of fun stuff to do!