Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I'm reading. . .

I'm back!
Jet lag and all. School starts on Monday
and this is the first time I've gotten to sit down and just read :)
It is like reuniting with an old friend,
this reading thing and I.

I'm currently reading this

"Placing Raffaela in the path of an oncoming car becomes one of the major priorities of the next ten seconds of my life."

LOL. oh my goodness how could you not love this one?
I Cannot wait to get back to it.

I just finished this one

and will be posting the review very soon!
Del Shannon has been so kind to me, even though it's taken
MONTHS for me to get this review up.
Thanks Del for always being so understanding with everything.

Happy Reading to all!


Andi said...

Can't wait for more of your thoughts on Jellicoe Road. It's been on my stacks for a scandalously long time. :)

KIKA said...

Andi! :) I LOVED jelicoe road :) haha it was on my reading stack for an embarassing long time too haha but yes I loved it! I'll get the review up soon :)