Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jellicoe Road by: Melena Marchetta

 My father took one hundred and thirty-two minutes to die.
I counted. 

     It's been two weeks and four books since finishing this beautiful piece. And yet I'm still sitting here at my keyboard, uselessly trying to claw out a review that would do this book justice.
     It had been floating up and down my radar for quite a while. But every time I had it in my hands, I let it fly by knowing I could always come back to it. And now that I have finished it. have savored it. I'm warmed through and through, knowing that I will always come back to it.
    I jumped into this one head first, as I do with most, if not all my other books---Straying far from the jacket cover, or any kind of synopsis in the back--- and heading straight for the story.
    In a way this book tells the story of Taylor, Jonah, Raffaela, Chaz and Jessa. But it's not just that, it also tells Tate and Fitz, Webb and Jude, and Narnie's story. A story of a different time, of different people, but yet the same in many ways. There's so much here that connects all of these people and by the time you're finished reading it, you'll feel that some how, in some way you have become connected with them as well. There's so much in here that's just so thick, so real, and so raw.

Someone asked us later, "Didn't you wonder why no one came across you sooner?"
Did I wonder?
When you see your parents zipped up in black body bags on the Jellicoe Road like some kind of garbage, don't you know?
Wonder dies.

 and yet there are still those parts that make you laugh, smile and shake your head.
"I didn't know you had a girlfriend, Griggs." Anson Choi feigns surprise. "What's her name?"
"I didn't actually catch her name," Griggs continues.
"Lily," Raffaela says over her shoulder and this time I give her a sideways look.
"Great to know that I"m in love with a girl with a cool name."
"It's Taylor's middle name," Raffaela calls back again.
. . . 
Placing Raffaela in the path of an oncoming car becomes one of the major priorities of the next ten seconds of my life.

    The writing in this book is beautiful and without a doubt top notch. I could keep putting favorite passages in here, but this whole silly copy right infringement thingy would get in the way for posting the entire book. I loved the language in it. Like when Taylor "pashed" with the leader of the cadets. or having a best friend named Raffy or Narnie. Or seeing a creepy, yet intriguing, but undeniably scary man called The Brigader. And well, lets just say if I could have a Jonah Griggs of my very own I would live and die a very happy woman.

There is no denying, this book will make you feel.
It's powerful and will take your breath away, and yet at the same time will be the very thing that keeps your heart pumping.
This one has certainly solidified itself on my beloved shelf,
and will be one that I will continually find myself reaching for.

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Blueicegal ♥ said...

You said everything I felt the moment I finished this book. I was so overwhelmed and so in love, so I can understand everything that you're saying. Isn't it just such a treasure? Wonderful review :)

Anna @annascottjots said...

I concur! After finishing this book, I too realised that it is possible to actually fall in love with a book!

Andi said...

Now I feel like a dork for putting this one off for so long. I got it pre-pub and never read it. Ack!

KIKA said...

@blueicegal : *sigh* a treasure indeed :)

@anna: :D yayy!

@andi: LOL you got it pre-pub?! jump on it woman! ;)

Christine said...

Hey Kika!
I'm so happy you read this one! It's one of my all time favorite books--I just LOVE it! Love.

KIKA said...

Christine! hi! :D yes yes, this one is definitely special :D