Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For the Love . . .of books

I've been pinning a lot lately on
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here are a few pins and blogs I found while pinning :)

I've seen the updated cover of To Kill a Mockingbird 
before, but it still does funny things to my heart every time I see it
I love it.
You can find my board for books Here

Aren't these awesome? Found these on Pinterest from
the tumblr Bookfessions

This one had me laughing and nodding in agreement.

And aren't these fabulous?
she has an etsy shop here


Andi said...

Fabulous pins! I started following you. I'm totally obsessed with Pinterest.

KIKA said...

@andi: LOL I totally know what you mean! you are? yay! is your name andi on there? I want to follow you back! :D ps: good to see you on here :)