Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The False Prince, The Runaway King by: Jennifer A. Nielsen

    So many of my customers have recommended this trilogy to me and for some reason I've been slow to bite. One day at work during a lunch break, I caved. I grabbed the book off the shelf and sat down to read. The rest was history.
   I guess I'll give a synopsis of just The False Prince so I can save you spoilers for The Runaway King. The False Prince Tells a story of a noble man named Conner combing orphanages for what seems like a particular boy. Or more specifically, boys that seem to have specific features of a particular boy..The king's long lost son, Jaron to be exact. One of the four boys that Conner gathers from various orphanages is an unrepentant, petulant, young orphan named Sage.  As Conners plan to place one of the orphans on the throne comes to play, the realization of danger and corruption that Sage and the other young orphans have found themselves in begins to sink in. The deceit and crime that is reveled runs deeper than anyone could ever think it would go. But through it Sage finds truths about himself and others that force Sage to forget who he thought he was and become what he's always been.
   Well. My customers were not lying when they said this was a good read. but I find myself wanting...more. I just finished The Runaway King and don't get me wrong, I'll be anxiously anticipating the release of the third book in this trilogy and will guaranteed be reading it with just as much gusto as I have the first two, but honestly during the whole book I just keep thinking fondly of my one and only thief Eugenidis from yours truly. The Queen's Thief series.  And yes, I see how unfair this is but it's true. And check out these lovelies! These are the UK editions which I am totally wanting now. I mean look at that pirate ship in the back on The Runaway King cover- oh and that luminicient moon shining in The False Prince?  Oh goodness, my heart be still.


    Emily's Bookishness: The False Prince
    Jet Black Ink: The False Prince

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