Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Prodigy by Marie Lu

   It has been so long, I can't remember if I even did a review of Legend, the first in this trilogy. I was working at the bookstore one day and we had just restocked the shelves behind the cash register with best sellers, so they'd be easy access/pickup for the customers as they came through the lines. Prodigy was one of those books. I had to grab a stack of them to have by my cash register because so many people were buying it. I remember thinking that I should probably get the first book to see what all the hub-bub was about. Sure enough I bought the first in the trilogy, took it home and devoured it that night. (fast forward a good 5-6 months)
   I couldn't tell you why, but it wasn't until last week when I stopped by my local library and went to my go to Librarian/Writer who never does me wrong, that I even thought of these books. She pulled this one out and said, "Well, you've probably already read Marie Lu's Trilogy..." I quickly grabbed it as memories, fuzzy, but still earnest, told me not to wait.
    My heart is still in a putter from the remnants of this book. I have literally just closed the cover on this power block, and for whatever reason, I felt that I needed to hurry and get my feelings out about it.
     The story continues on right where Legend left us. June and Day making their way to Vegas where they hope to receive aid from the patriots. The valiant duo go up against betrayal, deceit, and glory, leaving them in roles and sides they never thought they'd be in. With riots and the threat of a revolution on their hands, the republic, patriots, and elector all vie for June and Day's crucial vote.
   I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when diving into this one. Do I remember enough of the initial story to go a long with this one? Do I remember these characters? Do I love and feel for them? But all qualms were silenced from the turn of the first page. How could I forget about these two? Forget their mission? Forget their friendship, their shortcomings and love. I love that Day and June struggle. It's not like they meet and all is well...
    But dang, the first time they met, when June stepped into that skiz fight and saved Tess? *sigh*... oh man. I'm kicking myself because I returned the book without thinking twice about it. There were so many thoughts floating in my head I wasn't thinking of any particular passage to put down (as in there were too many I was thinking of) and I just thought to myself, I just need to write the review, don't stress over the passage (because really I was almost hyperventilating)... And now as I sit here writing my thoughts and feelings it's killing me that I can't put the perfect passages down to emphasize my point.
   Day and June are just so perfect together, as in they're so real and not perfect. Does that even make sense? They come from completely different sides of the tracks and yet have so much in common. They've each lost so much and yet have found a comfort and love in each other. I have just ordered the trilogy and can't wait till they're all sitting in a row on my shelf. In the mean time I have the third book sitting here on my desk next to me, totally over due with a waiting list behind it, and totally unrepentant about my inner struggle of being selfish and just keeping the book to finish and returning it so the other eager readers in line can have their due chance. Oh the struggle.
   But for real. This book was good. The story was beautiful. It kept me turning pages in wonderment and surprise. It's action packed and face paced. Pair a good story line with awesome characters and you have it made. I loved this book, I still get antsy typing out my feelings about it. I think this book was just perfect for me at this time and in this mood I've been in. Which in turn, might be having me view this all through rose colored glasses, but hey- its why we read right? To find that book that swaddles you in what you need, even if you don't even know it's what you need yet.

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