Thursday, July 17, 2014

Book Update...

You probably already know cause you stalk follow Leila just as much as I do, but Bookshelves of Doom is MOVING!!!

and really? Kendal and Kylie? Didn't we learn our lesson when we gave a book deal to Snookie? ps- for the record I have tried and yes do like fried oreos...

Just a little #TBT to add to your TBR pile...

For your morning entertainment, go ahead and click HERE where if your favorite books' titles (don't even know if that's proper English but whatevs) were honest. **PS you'll need to hover your mouse over the picture and move your mouse left and right to see the before and after...took me a while to figure that one out.

I did a Peek-A-Boo review over at the Tombs on Cruel Beauty... Totally thinking about just moving those posts over here and just having them all on one blog. 

I had a self-help library haul this week.

I'm currently reading Fangirl  highly recommended by the incomparable Angie! And I must say I am loving it. And the rest is the last of my library haul!


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