Monday, August 11, 2014

Fair Game by: Patricia Briggs

Ever since I caught wind of another Alpha and Omega novel coming out from the wonderful Patricia Briggs I've been stewing over the third installment Fair Game. I've had this one for a while, just have never picked it up to read. Trust me, it's not from lack of want- Anna and Charles have always had a special place in my heart since the first time I met them. I just never quite felt  in the right mood until now.

    Now that the werewolves are out (as in they've gone public- it's not a huge secret anymore), Bran has had to be more strict with the penalties and repercussions that are dealt. Which means Charles, the Morrok's official hit man has to put wolves down that would've other wise been dealt with in a different manner. This in turn has taken it's toll on Charles, and Anna has realized it for months now. Charles has simply not been himself. He no longer brings Anna with him on his assignments and with each return he seems further and further away.

 Anna has had enough, fearing for his sanity she takes the issue to his father, the Morrok. Yet in all is wisdom he doesn't see it. As a last hope she brings it to an old friend, who- in his own way is able to open Brans eyes to the danger and levity of the problem. Along with the help of Adam- Bran is able to devise an assignment that might just help Charles with the literal ghosts that have been haunting him.

    There has been a serial killer on the loose that has been killing for years. Recently the targets have changed from human, to fey and werewolf. Charles and Anna fly to Boston to be consultants for the FBI on the case. Anna hopes the change of assignment, where Charles is a hero in helping find the serial killer, instead of being the revered enforcer, will finally break the barrier Charles seems to have built up between them and bring back the man she loves.

   I have always had a soft spot for deserving side characters that have me just as excited (in some cases more) to see them as I am to see the main characters. Charles has always been that way for me. I lived for the brief glimpses the Mercy Thompson series gave me. He was the mysterious, loyal, hit man for his father the Morrok, that I just wanted to know more about. And well, that strong silent type always leaves me in a putter. So when Ms. Briggs released that they would have their own series I was ecstatic. I loved this book. I've really enjoyed the whole series.

    As The Ranting Dragon mentions, this book comes at a time where Charles and Anna are over the butterfly stage. They have been married a few years and have become comfortable and happy in each others company. The romance in this book takes a back seat, but Anna and Charles' relationship is still in the forefront. Ms. Briggs is an artist when it comes to creating suspense and adventure. Each chapter in this book had a purpose, there wasn't much meandering- which I love. The story was good and fast paced. I thought the "I'm going to keep you in the dark and avoid you for your own protection" theme would be tiresome- and I could feel the itch of disappoint slowly begin to creep up- but honestly, Charles' issue with his ghosts, and blocking off their connection, left me really admiring Anna and how she handled the situation. This was the perfect read to get me revamped for the next installment due out March 3rd of next year! If you're a fan of Iloana Andrews, the Mercy Thompson Series or really just urban fantasy in general pick this series up!

  Angie!- Well, because she always just gets it... Most of the time I just want to re-post her reviews
  Dark Farie Tails- "What a worthy sequel to an equally worthy series."
  Ranting Dragon "If you’re a fan of urban fantasy, I consider Briggs to be a must read"
  Rhapsody in Books "I love how the paranormals make fun of one another qua paranormals. For example, Isaac, the hip and streetwise alpha wolf of the Boston pack, calls Alistair Beauclaire Lord of the Elves"

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